– Development of a project, elaborate, studies, programs in the field of geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical research as well as the development of geological, hydrogeological and hydrodynamic models using the most up-to-date licensed software.
– Execution of all types of structural, hydrogeological and geomechanical wells in order to research metal and non-metallic mineral resources, research and study of groundwater for water supply of settlements and cities.
– Engineering – geological research of the terrain for construction of mining and construction objects and calculation of the stability of floor and final slopes on mines.
– Drilling of drainage wells for drainage of dugers, as well as wells for water supply.
– Electromechanical equipping of wells with deep pumps, pressure and drainage pipelines with electroporation and commissioning.
– Installation and dismantling of main drainage and pressure pipes Ø 200 mm –
Ø 1500 mm with installation of casting shafts.
– Drainage of mines and soil.
– Servicing and maintenance of drilling sets, accompanying mechanization as well as the production of new products (filter type “Gavrilko”, foam filters, cap, etc.).