PhD, Miodrag Stepanovic

Assistant Director for Technical Affairs and Production:
Aca Milosevic, B.Sc.Mechanic

Head of the Department of Geology and Planning
Aleksandar Avramovic, BSc.Geology

Head of the Department of Geodrilling
Milovan Pokimica, BSc. Geology

Head of the Deep Drainage Department
Snezana Pesic, BSc. Geology

Head of the Surface Drainage Service
Boris Popovic, BSc. Geology

Head of Maintenance Service
Dragan Nesic, B.Sc.Mechanic

Assistant Director for Legal, Personnel, General Affairs and Procurement Affairs
Bojan Zivkovic, graduated lawyer

Head of the Legal Service
Dejan Tufegdzic, graduated lawyer

Head of Financial Affairs and Accounting
Dragana Simeonovic, graduated economist

Head of Commercial Affairs
Radmila Rajic, graduated economist