Department of Geological Preparation and Planning
The geological preparation and design service with the geomechanical laboratory and the laboratory for coal works from the formation of PD “Georad” d.o.o. Drmno. Within the service there is: Department of Mining Geology, Department of Hydrogeology, Department of Geotechnics and Department of Laboratory for Coal.

Department of Mining Geology

The Department of Mining Geology has one graduated engineer of geology, for exploration of deposits of mineral raw materials, two geological technicians and one geologist.
This department works closely with the Geobest Service. Within this department is locating facilities (as well as positioning on parcel maps), detailed mining geological mapping of the exploration well core, collecting coal and tailings samples and processing reports on exploration wells with all field services and laboratory analyzes.
All data obtained are used for the preparation of: the Coal Reservations, Geological Survey Projects, Studies and Annual Plans. In addition, updating the database and the geological model of the coal deposits Drmno, as well as other sites, is regularly updated. 3D models are being worked with GDM software.
Department of Geotechnics

Within the Geotechnical Department there is the Geomechanical Laboratory. Geomechanical Laboratory processes and examines undisturbed and disturbed soil samples based on domestic SRPS standards:
• SRPS UB1.012 Determination of soil moisture
• SRPS UB1.013 Determination of the bulk density by a known volume cylinder method
• SRPS UB1.014 Determination of the free mass of the soil material without pore
• SRPS UB1.018 Determination of granulometric composition
• SRPS UB1.020 Determination of soil consistency
• SRPS UB1.028 Direct shear angle
• SRPS UB1.032 Determination of soil stasification
• SRPS UB1.046 Determination of the compression modulus by the circular plate method
The largest number of processing and testing of soil samples (about 95%) is done for the needs of our biggest investor and strategic partner – JP EPS.
The laboratory has all the necessary equipment for the mentioned laboratory tests.