Today it is a modern, specialized company consisting of 9 (nine) organizational units – services interconnected, integrated and targeted towards the same goal:
– The director’s office
– Department of Geology and Design
-Education of projects, studies, studies, programs in the field of geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical research.
-Graduation of geological and hydrodynamic model as a basis for modern design of ore deposits, opening of water sources for cities and settlements and drainage of mines.
-Education of shortened chemical analysis of coal as well as soil sample testing in geomechanical laboratory.
– Depression
-Education of all types of structural, hydrogeological and geomechanical wells in order to explore metal and non-metallic mineral resources, research and study of groundwater for
water supply of settlements and cities.
– Engineering geological research of the terrain for the construction of mining and construction objects and calculation of the stability of floor and final slopes on mines.
-Boaching drainage wells for drainage of mines, as well as wells for water supply.
– Deep drainage service
-Montage and dismantling of main drainage and pressure pipelines Ø200-1500 mm with installation of casting manholes
-Electrical equipment of wells with deep pumps, pressure and drainage pipelines by electroconnecting and commissioning.
-Water management of wells, using SKADA system
– Surface drainage service
-Excellent drainage of the mines, pumping water from the formed water collectors
– Maintenance service
-Service and maintenance of drill sets, accompanying mechanization as well as the production of new products (filter type “Gavrilko”, pie-gauge filters, caps, etc.).
– Maintenance and repair of deep as well as centrifugal pumps for surface drainage.
– Legal Service
– Service in charge of functioning of the company according to all prescribed legal norms
– Financial and accounting service
– The service is responsible for all economic issues and the implementation of economic activities in the company
– Commercial service
Human Resources
As for human resources in Georada, on which business is based, among other things, it is proud to say that 27 engineers, more than 60 technicians and over 90 highly qualified employees are employed. All of them are more specialized in carrying out the tasks for which they are in charge. All this, as well as the constant improvement and improvement of the employees that are being applied, is a guarantor for justifying the position of PD “Georad” in the region. And the position is – the leader.