Drilling and sounding of the terrain is the main activity of PD “Georad” d.o.o. Drmno. The geology service consists of two departments:
1) Reverse Drilling Department i
2) Department for structural drilling (drilling of exploration wells)
1) The reverse method drills wells Ø1100 – Ø450 mm, where pure water is used as a fluid to a depth of about 300 m. For drilling we use spiral, cross chisel and roll chisel. The laying of wells is done by columns of given diameter. Drilling is performed with three sets: 1. U-3 set; 2. Set of Rb 20/30 and 3. Wurth garnitur. For drilling we use accompanying machinery (bulldozer, backhoe, ult, tractor with trailer and truck).
2) Drilling of exploration-geological wells is carried out by a rotary method with direct circulation of working fluid with a diameter of Ø200 – Ø86 mm, using a bentonite clay soap. Drilling is carried out to a depth of 300 m. For drilling, we use spirals, cross chisels, crowns, rolls, piercing pipes, flasks and cladding columns depending on the geological conditions of the terrain. The core drilling is done with Ø146 mm diameter, Ø131 mm, Ø116 mm, Ø101 mm and Ø86 mm. For exploratory geological drilling PD “Georad” d.o.o. it has four drill sets BA 500, the manufacturer of “Geomashina” Zemun.
Drilling of wells and wells is done for the drainage of Kop Drmno, Kolubara as well as for water supply for third parties.