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Basic information
The company Georad – Geomedical Company for Geological Research and Design “Drmno” is a limited liability company (hereinafter “the Company”), established on September 23, 2003 by EPS JP Surface mine “Kostolac” – Kostolac. The company was registered in the court register based on the Decision of the Commercial Court in Pozarevac number FI. 193/2004 of 22 March 2004. By resolution No. BD 13505/2005 of May 11, 2005, the Company was translated into the Register of Business Entities in accordance with the Law on Business Enterprises.
On the basis of the Contract between EPS JP “Kostolac” – Kostolac and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, since October 11, 2005, the entire share and all founding rights have been transferred to the Republic of Serbia. On January 10, 2006, the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia passed the Decision on Amendments to the Decision on Establishment No. 023-02-00287 / 2005-02 of 29 December 2005. The company becomes a one-member company, whose only founder is the Republic of Serbia and in whose name the founding rights are exercised by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The company operates state-owned assets, which are entered as a stake in the Company.
The company is engaged in field testing by drilling and sounding (activity code 4313). Also, the Company is registered for foreign trade and services in foreign trade. The Company’s ID number is 17577719, and the tax identification number (PIB) is 103406127. The Company’s head office is located at Cara Lazara bb. in Drmno.
The governing bodies of the company are the Assembly – authorized representatives of the founder – the Republic of Serbia and the director of PD Georad doo Drmno.
The Assembly of the Company ensures the realization of the goals of the establishment of PD Georad doo Drmno with its decisions and is responsible for achieving the technical, technological and economic unity of the business system.
Director – represented and represented by PD “Georad” doo Drmno, organizes and manages the process of work and manages the business of the company, takes care of the legality of work and is responsible for the legality of work, proposes to the Basic Business Policy Assembly, work programs and development plans, execute Assembly decisions and performs other affairs in accordance with the law and the decision on establishment.
Assembly of PD “Georad”
President of the Assembly:
Tatjana Cinc Stojicevic, Master of Legal Science
Ivica Ristic, B.Sc. economist
Mališa Obradovic, B.Sc.Electrical Engineering