In the beginning, it was a geological service, and since 1976 – OOUR “GEORAD” – Kostolac within the RO IEK “Kostolac” until 1991 when it is drowning in the PPP “Kostolac” is separated by mines and trained to perform geological research and production geological documentation, primarily for the needs of the excavations “Kostolac”. During that period, the directors were Slavko Milošević from 01.01.1976. until 09.04.1984., Radomir Milanović from 10.04.1984. until 31.08.1988. and Branko Mijatović from 25.07.1988. until 30.06.1991.
Due to the amendments to the legal regulations that resulted in the reorganization of RO IEK Kostolac OOUR “Georad” dated 01.07.1991. until 12.02.2004. did not exist as an independent organizational unit, but he performed the tasks within the PK “Cirikovac” and PK “Drmno”.